"Oh how beautiful is Panama" - childhood heroes & a photo book

Fotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit Janosch Who are your favorite childhood heroes? What stories were you able to hear over and over again back then without ever getting bored? Which characters are the epitome of your childhood for you? Characters and stories that touched us positively in our childhood or are simply closely linked to it often feel like an emotional "home" for a lifetime. As part of a quick poll on the subject, the following characters and stories were spontaneously named in the Kleine Prints team: Pippi Longstocking, Anne von Green Gables, Heidi, Michael Knight, the A-Team (oh no, TV kids, haha!), Janosch, the little hobbit, Lassie, Sesame Street (of course!), Michel from Lönneberga, Alf, Asterix and Obelix, ET, the little mole, the care bears, the gummy bear gang <...> We could go on with this list forever, but that's what it's all about today not at all. The fact is that for most of us, wonderful memories and heartwarming emotions are associated with the many heroes of our childhood, great and small. Of course, it is particularly nice to revive your childhood heroes with your own children and to pass on the stories that have stayed in your heart. As parents, we can enjoy our favorite books and series from back then in Family rituals such as including reading aloud every evening. Maybe you do that too. In any case, it is far more than just plain empty nostalgia when we pass on things that once meant a lot to us. We don’t want to worry about the bush for long now either. Because we from the Kleine Prints team can proudly present you, like Bolle, a more than great piece of news and that is the real reason for this blog post: Fotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit Janosch

Tadaaa! The photo book special edition with Janosch is here!

Yes! You read that right! We actually managed to win over very important childhood heroes for a special edition photo book. Namely the wonderful characters from the Janosch universe, above all of course tiger and bear, tiger duck and Günter box frog! We as a team as well as many fans and customers have long dreamed of this cooperation. In a 2017 survey, our fans on Facebook already voted in large numbers for a Janosch special edition. And now? Now it is finally there! Yippie ay yeaaah! Honestly say - isn't that the hit ?! Fotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit JanoschFotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit Janosch As you may be used to from our other magical special editions, the beautifully illustrated text pages in the Janosch photo book alternate with your most beautiful photos. In this way, the favorite pictures of your minis are presented in a unique and beautiful way. For all newcomers to Kleine Prints, here are the colorful facts about the Janosch edition: The photo book has 28 pages, there is space for 13 pictures + each one labeled in extra large letters, which in this case is supplemented by the wonderful Janosch illustrations . The book is square, 14 x 14 centimeters, and fits in any daycare bag. It consists of sturdy, rounded sides and can be spread out flat thanks to the practical spiral binding. It is available in matt (silk matt toy paint) and in glossy (laminated). Fotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit JanoschFotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit Janosch You can view all pages of the great Janosch edition in our shop / photo book editor. It's this way! Are you already in love with the new edition? We wish you a lot of fun designing and are looking forward to discovering your individual works on Insta. So that we can discover them safely, simply use the hashtag #smallprints or tag our founder Eva - @ kleineprints.de! Fotobuch Sonderedition - Kleine Prints mit Janosch

For even more euphoria!

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Photo credits: All images © 2019 Kleine Prints using CC00 images from unsplash.com

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