Play more beautifully: DIY street chalk in ice shape

Straßenkreide DIY You probably already know ... At Kleine Prints there is a huge love of DIY that we love to live out and share with you again and again. This week we have something very magical from this category for you! The wonderful Kirsten Klenner has put together a great DIY for you and us for street chalk in ice form. Perfect for long summer game days in the residential area and just sooo nice to look at! So, we're not going to torture you any further, here are the great DIY instructions to imitate.

Make street chalk in ice form yourself

You need ... - Ice molds (Popsicle) to make your own ice cream. Just search the internet for popsicle shapes. There you will find various providers. - Wooden popsicle sticks. They are usually included with the Popsicle molds. But you can also get them in craft stores. - Modeling plaster or normal plaster. Pay attention to light-colored plaster when buying! - Mixing cups for plaster from the hardware store or any container. - Sushi chopsticks to stir. Alternatively, brush styles or other stirring aids are also possible. - Tinting paint (concentrate) for coloring the plaster from the hardware store. The concentrate is very economical. All colors can be mixed with each other! Alternatively, any acrylic paint can be used. - Glass filled with water ... and the great DIY pleasure can begin!

DIY street chalk ice cream step by step instructions

Step 1: Pour gypsum powder into the mixing container. Step 2: Add water as you feel and stir well. The consistency should be so creamy and liquid that the plaster of paris mixture can easily be poured into the molds. (Since the plaster of paris hardens very quickly, work must be carried out quickly or in several stages) Straßenkreide DIYStraßenkreide DIY Step 3: add color and mix in. Step 4: Pour colored plaster of paris into the molds Straßenkreide DIYStraßenkreide DIY Step 5: Insert the popsicle stick in the middle Step 6: Let the plaster of paris harden (approx. 30 minutes) Step 7: Carefully pull the plaster out of the mold. Tip: pour hot water over the molds. So the plaster ice can be easily pulled out. Straßenkreide DIY Zack - your beautifully colored chalk ice cream is ready.

Stylish ice cream packaging as a free download

But that is not all! Kirsten also designed a super stylish ice cream packaging for us to print out. You can use the template for this completely free of charge download here. Well, if that's not the top hit, right? Straßenkreide DIYStraßenkreide DIY And the great chalk fun in the sunshine can begin. If you have any questions about this DIY, please contact Kirsten directly and be sure to have a look her other great creations at times. Have fun!

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Photos: All by Kirsten Klenner, except for the last one, made by the Kleine Prints team, source of the original image: Jared Sluyter via

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