So cool - the schedule in the Kleine Prints design

Stundenplan Printable zum Ausdrucken When I remember my school days, I immediately smell the smell of the floor in the school hallways that seem endless for children's legs, paired with the smell of cheese sandwich with cucumber and a mashed banana in my school bag. I remember the taste of strawberry milk during the first break in the yard, the rough surface of the blotting paper in the exercise books, the feeling of happiness of proudly putting an end to a few typing errors with your first own ink killer, school books wrapped in wax paper and a completely crumpled timetable in the homework book.

The stylish timetable in the Kleine Prints design

To be honest, I am no longer surprised today that my schedule always looked as if it had had significantly more adventures than I did. It was relatively colorless, plain and disdainful, and just entering the fans was extremely boring and unspectacular. In addition to the planner in the homework book, there was another self-drawn one on my desk in the nursery and that was it for the subject of the timetable. Between us: If I had had such a nice schedule like this one back then, I would probably have just papered my room with it.

But you can do that now.

Because you can simply download the stylish and probably most beautiful timetable of all time, print it out as often as you want, stick it in notebooks and books and hang it on refrigerators and walls. Simply enter your email address in the form and check your mailbox for the confirmation email. Now you just have to click on the link one more time (you know, GDPR and so on) and then you can actually call the timetable your own. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?
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Remember the timetable on Pinterest!

We know how it is with full heads. So just remember the cool timetable on Pinterest (We do that too!), it will no longer work and you will have it at hand when the next half year starts. Besides, sharing is caring and who knows, maybe you will make someone else happy with it. Stundenplan Printable zum Ausdrucken

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