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Suzanne Frankenfeld At Kleine Prints you as fans and customers can indulge in photo euphoria, design high-quality and beautiful products for your loved ones and on top of that you will even be entertained. In a small series of articles here on the blog, we will introduce you to the people (i.e. us!) Who ensure behind the scenes that everything is so and that it works. It all started some time ago with our founder and managing director Eva Malawska and her assistant Sylvi Klautzsch made. Today, Suzanne Frankenfeld, freelance social media manager & editor at Kleine Prints, tells you more about herself.

5 questions for Suzanne Frankenfeld

When you think back to your childhood, what are your favorite memories?

The first thing that comes to mind is: Amrum! My parents have a farm, so we never went on vacation in the summer. But for years, for two to three weeks every winter on the beautiful North Sea island of Amrum, always in the same hotel. Amrum meant: A lot of time with mom, dad and my sister. Sleep in, be together, comfort. In addition, a fun New Year's Eve festival with local customs and without a big bang. When I go to Amrum today, it's still like coming home. (I'm the bigger one in the terrible jackets in the photos, 80s.) I also like to remember my relatively free childhood life in the village. Do gymnastics on bales of straw, admire the kittens in the barn, generally have a lot of contact with animals ... and on Friday evenings after a busy day, fall asleep while watching Asterix.

What do you like most about your job as a social media manager and editor for small prints?

Phew, where do I start? What I really like most is our togetherness, the working atmosphere. We are a small team, partly employed and partly freelancers like me. The chemistry is just right and there is no difference in the collaboration whether someone is now employed or freelance. We are a team and treat each other respectfully and at eye level - and always with a good dose of humor guaranteed. My last salaried job before starting my own business was exactly the opposite: a giant corporation, dust-dry structures and generally more of a "against each other" than a togetherness. That's why I can still extremely appreciate the work with the Kleine Prints team even after more than two years. I also like the values of Kleine Prints. I think it's great and important that the products are manufactured in Germany under fair conditions and that for our founder and managing director Eva Quality comes first. I don't think I could work for a company with a clear conscience that doesn't treat employees and / or customers sensibly and honestly. Well and in the end I also love my creative freedom and the fact that Eva placed a lot of trust in me from the start!

What do you love to do when you are not doing online communication at Kleine Prints?

My greatest passions are my own business as a media consultant and spiritual mentor as well as my own spiritual path. Actually, everything in my life revolves around spirituality anyway, you never get that out of me (luckily). I love mysticism and immerse myself in appropriate books. I also love to dance, sing and have intense conversations about God (sic!) And the world. But I am also totally available for the very "profane" earthly pleasures. A nice cocktail evening among girls or a good meal with friends, for example with us in Hanover in Boca or with Francesca & Fratelli on Limmerstraße, can make me very happy and enthusiastic!

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

I actually take photos all the time and now exclusively with my smartphone. Modern smartphones often have such good cameras that you can take really nice photos - although beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Most of all I like to photograph all kinds of flowers and trees, as well as the sky in all colors and shapes - sunrise, sunset, blue, red, pink, orange, cloudy, unclouded. I admit that I take selfies quite often, but most of them quickly disappear from my smartphone, haha.

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

The basis of our products are of course the great photos of the customers. Particularly beautiful photos are the best starting point for particularly beautiful photo products. I think that photos of people are always best with natural light. So it's best to record outside or, if necessary, near a window. In addition, the soft morning and evening light illuminate everything and everyone beautifully and harmoniously, which, in my opinion, is always much nicer than bright midday light or artificial light. Incidentally, four bloggers have more tips for beautiful (children's) photos in this article I can only recommend it! I think it's particularly creative and great to design themed photo books or memo games. For example a Photo book about the last vacation, a photo book on the subject of art, if the child likes to paint and design, or a memory game from favorite cuddly toys! What I also find totally cute are "first-person photo books" in which you illustrate your (still short) life story for your child. For example, with an ultrasound picture, mom's pregnant belly, a picture of the newborn and, and, and ... To be honest, I would still like one of these things about myself today. I believe that you can make your child happy for life ! Das Team von Kleine Prints

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Photos: 1 & 4 - Anna-Lena Ehlers, The rest of Suzanne in private

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