Road trip through Germany - summer vacation in times of Corona

Roadtrip durch Deutschland Finally, finally the time had come - all bags were packed, our beloved roof tent strapped to the roof and we were ready for our big journey. Okay, we were ready beforehand, thanks to Corona even more. Unfortunately - also thanks to Corona - all travel plans were shattered and we had to reschedule completely. Well, that shouldn't have been the last time ... In any case, after some research it was clear: We would stay in Germany and take a closer look at different regions of our country that we previously only knew from the map on a road trip. It started at the end of June.

Saxony-Anhalt: The Bertingen tipi village

We first made our way through eastern Germany, more precisely through Saxony-Anhalt. Our first road trip station should be Bertingen tipi village which is located on the Middle River Elbe Biosphere Reserve and about 40 km north of Magdeburg. It attracted us not only with its own swimming (silver) lake, but also with great attractions for children: discovery tours through the small lake and bridge landscape of the square, collecting firewood in the forest, archery, ax throwing, pony riding, building log cabins and a huge corn maze, to name just a few. You can also rent a tepee or log cabin there, but we had our "moving tree house" with us. The camp is really fun and certainly fun - if it's not spoiled by a pandemic virus. Because unfortunately many activities in the camp were still closed, which we and especially Lotta found a shame. Pro tip, by the way, if you want to visit the camp: Don't stand directly at the pond. The pitch there is visually delightful, but one or two frogs in the pond (okay, more like trillion frogs!) Ensure that the night's sleep remains wishful thinking ... Roadtrip durch Deutschland: Tipidorf BertingenRoadtrip durch Deutschland: Tipidorf Bertingen

City of iron: Ferropolis

Oh, Ferropolis, city of iron... It's been a long time. Because Nils and I were here before, ten years ago on the Melt! Festival. When we discovered by chance that right there, at the place with which we associated so many wonderful memories, suddenly a PopUp Camp we couldn't help it - we had to go to Graefenhainichen and pitch our tent under the Big Wheel. We just had to show Lotta such a unique and extraordinary place, especially when you can camp "like that" in the open-air museum surrounded by water. And children, I tell you: the mood there, the whole atmosphere is phenomenal. Somehow magical, a bit enchanted and also without music and relatively empty with an absolute festival feeling. Seriously, the days (and nights) under the gigantic bucket wheel excavator were definitely one of the highlights of our road trip ... Roadtrip durch Deutschland: Big WheelRoadtrip durch Deutschland: Ferropolis

Thuringian Forest: Oberhof

Our heart was bleeding a little when we left, but we wanted to move on. Our next destination should be Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest, namely the Camping ground at the Lütsche reservoir. The place is really beautiful, very idyllic right on the lake and in the middle of the coniferous forests of the Thuringian Forest. However, I have to honestly say that until then - apart from Ferropolis - I didn't really feel "like on vacation". Of course, the landscape stands out from the north here, but the rest is somehow the same. The "tingling of the distance", the adventure and discovering foreign places have somehow not been on the road trip so far.

Off to the south: the Bavarian Forest

We continued towards the Bavarian Forest, where we did the Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle wanted to drive. The camp is mega cool and is located on a small island surrounded by a river, the Black Rain. You can rent haciendas, lodges or houses, there is the bathing lake "La Laguna" with bio-filtered water and a wooden raft, a spa and a fancy Thai-Bay restaurant, in which Thai and Bavarian dishes are served. There is also the Bongo Beach Bar & Lounge, perfect for chilling out and a "coffee camp". After Nils persuaded us for a long time (to be honest, I'm a little shit;) we went on a canoe tour there that came close to mini rafting. It is not for nothing that the region is also called "Bavarian Canada" there. It went downriver in a picturesque landscape over rapids and even if the rapid sections made up only a small part of the tour, it was exciting for all of us and, in retrospect, mega-great! So, if you're ever on the corner - don't hesitate and definitely go canoeing! The very best thing about this camp, however, was that my sister Surprisingly came from Vienna with her family and spent a few days there with us. Oh sister time, that felt so good! <3! Roadtrip durch Deutschland: Schnitzmühle

Now over the border: off to Austria

While we were so far south, it happened as it had to: We left Germany and made a detour to the Alps and the Ötztal. We had chosen a small, fine campsite: Ötztal nature camping near Sölden. The place is just fantastic; not too big, really rustic on a stream and with a mountain panorama and surrounded by 250 three-thousand-meter peaks - a dream! Apparently that seems to have been the vacation of the lines through bills for us, because this time something came up again - a fat cold. I had caught something and was getting worse by the minute, so that we left early after only one night. We had short notice in Sölden a holiday apartment found that we rented for a few days so that I could relax in peace and sleep away my cold in a firm bed. We were actually lucky with that, because the apartment was super spacious and had access to a great garden where Lotta could play extensively. There were also plenty of bike trails in the area for Nils, who got his money's worth. And me? First got well again.

South Tyrol: Italy instead of Switzerland

Actually, our way should now lead us to Switzerland. But the weather forecast, which looked really scary for the high mountains (I mean 11 ° daily maximum temperature? On summer vacation? Really?), Brought us to reschedule again. All over again, so. And if already new, then right away: We booked an apartment in Livigno in Lombardy without further ado. Let's put it this way: At the entrance to Livigno there was a small park that we really liked. The rest of Livigno: rather not like that. The city itself was way too crowded, the apartment really wasn't a highlight, especially not the construction site next door! Even if the area around it was pretty (and the starting point for Lotta's first bike trail), we didn't want to stay longer. So rethink ...

When the good is so close: South Tyrol and farmer Georg

So we searched for a while, researched and considered where our road trip could lead us. But to the sea? Nah, it's too far. Or further into the mountains? But where? Then suddenly Lotta had the saving idea: She wanted to Farmer Georg and his dear wife Magdalena to the Pichlerhof in Avelengo. Already ours We had already spent winter holidays there twice and Lotta not only helped a lot in the barn, but also discovered the newborn calf and named it "Lotta". It was actually quite clear that we had to go to the Pichlerhof to inquire about Lotta and pay a visit to the warm farm couple. Unfortunately the accommodations on the farm were occupied, but we found a campsite nearby that could still accommodate us: Camping Völlan near Lana near Meran. The place is laid out in terraces and lies between orchards and forest. It wasn't full either, because in South Tyrol the occupancy rate was only 30% due to Corona, so we had a free choice of seats and found a super nice parking space. From here we went on the wildest hikes. The first led us over a really strenuous ascent (gentlemen!) Through a forest to an idyllic and beautiful alpine hut, the Wurzer Alm . Fortunately, there was not only a fantastic view upstairs, but also woolly pigs, peacocks, baby goats, pot-bellied pigs, cats, rabbits and horses, which made up for us and made a pretty happy girl out of a moderately enthusiastic Lotta in no time. Fortunately, the descent was no longer a problem. The next day we ended up in the Geoparc Bletterbach in the Dolomites, where we see the Bletterbach Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, wanted to descend. This hike is really fantastic, even with children: you first hike down to the river bed, hop over large stones, picnic in the middle of nature (if you have taken enough provisions with you, make sure to do it!) And have no idea what a strenuous ascent it is is yet to come that will keep the calf muscles busy for days.

Once a family and back again

It's crazy that time goes by a bit faster on vacation and especially on a road trip, so we soon had to start the way back. We paid a short visit to our family in Biberach, then we went back north and our road trip came to an end.

Travel in times of Corona

Honestly? Almost everything as always. Sure, in some places we had to take a fever every now and then, but in others we didn't even have to wear a mask. In the restaurants and on the campsites, tables, sinks or every second toilet were blocked and it was - with the exception of Livigno - relatively empty everywhere, but otherwise there was not much of the Corona and its effects to be felt. Roadtrip durch Deutschland und Südtirol

Our road trip through the summer - my conclusion

What can I say? Although there were definitely some really great and definitely unforgettable experiences on our road trip, we will hopefully end up in France again next year. I need the warmth and above all the sea and am already looking forward to burying my feet in the soft sand and watching Lotta and Nils when they storm into the waves with their boards. Do you still have your vacation ahead of you or already behind you? Where did you end up? Did you like it or did you miss something? Have you ever been on a road trip? And have you already seen? Judith was out on the houseboat with her family.

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