Holidays with children in Germany - 12 top travel tips "at home"

Kleine Tipps: Urlaub mit Kindern in Deutschland So actually, no, actually it was thought quite differently with the summer vacation this year. As you know, we love to travel. Spending holidays with children in Germany has hardly played a role so far. We were more drawn to "outside", by plane to distant countries (for example to Morocco) or with our beloved roof tent through Europe (approximately through Switzerland, to South Tyrol, through France and even to Spain. Or we've explored cities e.g. Aarhus. All three of us just love to be "on the road" and together new places, oh well, to discover the whole world. (You can find more about this in our Category "On the way") This year everything will probably be a little different. Actually we wanted to go to Scandinavia next, but whether that will work is still in the stars at the moment. To be on the safe side, I took a look around and found a few regions here in Germany that are absolutely ideal for a vacation with children and that really make you want to jet off straight away. Familienurlaub im eigenen Land

Going on holiday with your child in Germany: 12 top destinations from the far north to the mountains in the south

Since it does not occur to me to compile a ranking of the most beautiful places here (you know, mountains vs. sea and so, luckily, taste is very different!), I decided to go on a holiday with children easy to sort from north to south in Germany. So go ahead then!

1) North Sea

If you want to go on vacation in Germany with your child, you can't avoid the North Sea. Thatched roof houses and cool kite surfers on kilometer-wide beaches, with the horse-drawn cart through the UNESCO cultural heritage Wadden Sea to the Halligen and back, watching the crab cutters and visiting seal rearing stations - the North Sea coast offers countless opportunities that not only make the hearts of the little vacationers beat faster. In addition, natural dune landscapes, such as pearls lined up North Sea islands and the longest sandbank in the world, always a buff, rough wind around your nose and warming up with a nice tea in the evening - oh, the North Sea has something. And with the right clothing, the weather doesn't seem to matter. Get pleasure? Here you can find a great list of North Sea Places to see. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Nordsee

2) Baltic Sea

Whichever corner, coast or bay of the Baltic Sea you head for (Poland has such beautiful beaches, my roots, you know ...), the inland or brackish sea is really full of surprises. Whether the old Hanseatic city of Lübeck with its wonderfully crooked houses and the Baltic seaside resorts of Travemünde, Timmendorfer Strand, Grömitz and Co, the region around Rostock (Warnemünde, Markgrafenheide) or one of the beautiful Baltic Sea islands (e.g. Rügen, Usedom, Hiddensee, Poel or Fehmarn) - the Baltic Sea has a lot to offer. You think the most beautiful destinations along the beautiful Baltic Sea coast are great summarized on Little Travel Society. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Ostsee

3) Mecklenburg Lake District

This area in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania and close to Schwerin offers a lot of opportunities for a holiday with children. There are various family hotels, countless holiday parks or you can just rent a raft or houseboat - and that is probably super cool (e.g. here), with which you can sail through a well-developed river network or even from one lake to the next without a license. In any case, the Mecklenburg Lake District is a completely underrated holiday region for families who offers a lot for big and small people. And who knows, maybe you want to go under the mill wheel Spend the night in a real mill? Kleine Prints unterwegs: Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

4) Spreewald

The Spreewald is located in the south of Berlin, or better said in the southeast of Brandenburg, and is not only a biosphere reserve, but also a historical cultural landscape shaped by the Sorbs. The whole area is criss-crossed by many small natural branches of the Spree (river), which have been extended by artificially created canals - it is also called "the green Venice". He is best known for the famous Spreewald boat trips (but canoe hikes are also a hit with children!) Or the Spreewald cucumber, which is even offered as an ice cream in Burg. And isn't it crazy that in some parts of the Spreewald mail is even delivered over the water? If you want to know more about the Spreewald, you will find one Travel report about the Spreewald on my blog Online editor Judith. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Spreewald

5) resin

If you hear about the Harz, you inevitably have to think of the Brocken, at least that's how I feel. The Harz has so much more to offer than "just" the Brocken and the Hexentanzplatz. For example there is the unicorn cave, a large, accessible cave in which you can marvel at animal bones, but also castles, climbing parks and treetop paths. And how about a ride in a real narrow-gauge steam locomotive? Doesn't that sound like an eventful vacation for the whole family? If that's not enough for you, you will find it here even more resin inspiration. leine Prints unterwegs: Urlaub im Harz

6) Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are located southeast of Dresden in Saxon Switzerland and are really indescribably beautiful. Not only that the landscape where the Elbe winds from the Czech border to the north is wonderful and diverse. Romantic hiking trails and spectacular rock formations (on which a lonely climber sometimes takes a break) make the easternmost low mountain range of Germany an exciting destination for holidays with children. In addition, the area offers many highlights for the whole family: The Bastei bridge, which stretches high up through the rocks like in "Lord of the Rings" and offers a spectacular view, a rowing boat trip over the Amselsee surrounded by climbing rocks, the Königsstein fortress and other castles that seduce you to bold dreams, old water mills, kilometer-long bike paths along the picturesque banks of the Elbe, historical railways, waterfalls and rock gates. To be honest: I could start right away. If you are not ready yet, you can come here get inspiration from Mother. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Elbsandsteingebirge

7) Eifel

On the other side, namely in the west of Germany, lies a low mountain range that attracts with stately mountains, devilish gorges and lush hills, with volcanism, enchanted forests and mystical lakes and with fairy tale trails and dinosaur parks: the Eifel. In addition, it is particularly ideal for hiking and also seems to be ideal for a holiday with children. 5 great tips for one Family vacation in the South Eifel Is there ... here. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Urlaub in der Eifel

8) Bavarian Forest

The national park in eastern Bavaria along the Czech border offers many ideas for enjoying a varied holiday with the whole family. Forest top paths, rocky hiking trails, wildlife parks, glass blowing or excursions into the "underworld" - the Bavarian Forest is in no way inferior to other holiday regions in Germany and is also perfect for a short break. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Bayrischer Wald

9) Black Forest

Between us: I've always smiled at the Black Forest a bit. This area with the dark fir forests, the houses clad with traditional wooden shingles and all the kitschy kitsch cuckoo clocks seemed too "cliché" to me. That's exactly how others imagine "typically German", I thought, and that made my thoughts on the Black Forest good. But far from it. Because the Black Forest offers wonderful hiking opportunities in summer and snow-covered mountains and lots of winter sports fun in winter. So how about a stay at the mega cool and sustainably working Coucou Design Hotel at the Titisee? There is also here some great excursion tips. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Urlaub mit Kind im Schwarzwald

10) Allgäu with Lake Constance

I think the Allgäu is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades among the destinations for a holiday with children in Germany. On the one hand, the alpine pastures are more cozy with the most delicious cheese and other regional specialties with the ringing of cow bells. But there are also countless offers and opportunities for those who prefer to be active on vacation. In addition to summer toboggan runs, fantastic hiking opportunities (for example around the Alpsee), climbing gardens and the fairytale and world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle, Lake Constance is also not far. Well, and the fact that winter sports are a matter of course here doesn't need to be mentioned separately ... At Reisespatz there is even more Ideas for family holidays in the Allgäu. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Urlau im Allgäu

11) Chiemgau with Chiemsee and Berchtesgadener Land with Königssee

This beautiful piece of earth in the south of Germany is probably defined by the famous (and perhaps the most beautiful) lake in Germany. First of all, there is the Chiemgau. Here the Chiemsee with its three islands not only offers relaxation, but also a variety of water sports with a wonderful panorama. But the Chiemgau Alps with various cable cars also invite you to spend relaxing afternoons on blooming alpine pastures or exciting mountain adventures. The southernmost tip of Germany is then the Berchtesgadener Land, which offers a unique feast for the eyes with the Königssee. The crystal clear, large and high alpine mountain lake meanders through wooded or echoing rock walls and if you treat yourself to a trip with the electric ship, it is like driving straight through paradise. At the other end of the lake you can get off and hike to the picturesque Obersee or even further to the Fischunkelalm with the impressive and highest waterfall in Germany, the Röthbachfall. Kleine Prints unterwegs: Königssee

12) A road trip through Germany

The absolute hit for a vacation with a child in Germany and the ultimate is to treat yourself to a little more vacation, pick out a few highlights and then combine several stops with a road trip in your own country. A (roof) tent or camper is of course ideal for this, which is not only adventurous, but also wonderfully flexible. The best way to discover that our country is so diverse, offers beautiful natural wonders and dreamy beaches, landscapes, mountains, gorges, plains and even two different seas. By the way, Judith has already tried it herself and is very enthusiastic. It was already in 2017 Out and about with kids in a motorhome - for five weeks she went on vacation in Germany with her husband and her two children (then 3 and 0.5 years old), explored the country and decided: this literally calls for a repetition. Maybe the time has come this year?

Off to the south

With Nils, Lotta and our roof tent, I will probably first make the south of Germany unsafe. At least that's currently our plan. And who knows, maybe we'll take one or the other region with us on the way there. A few You can find tips about our equipment here. I will report on everything else in August. ;-) Urlaub mit Kind in Deutschland

Also take with you: The best memories of your vacation in Germany

Children and photos, they just go together perfectly. We love to photograph them and they love to look at the pictures over and over again. So how about if you the best moments just to leaf through afterwards processed? Either as Vacation photo book, but also a "Do you remember where that was?" - Memo game is a perfect gift idea and consolation (that the vacation is always over so quickly). Urlaubs-Fotobuch für Kinder

And against homesickness ...

... and missing your favorite people is suitable a little album with all the familiar faces, they love to be around at home. Grandmas & grandpas, best day care buddies or pets - if you can't pull anything out of your pocket, as soon as the longing sets in, nothing can go wrong. Phew, one less worry! Sonderedition Kinder Fotobuch "Draußen im Garten" So where are you going this year? Is vacation in Germany an option for you?

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