Family planner 2021 with 6 columns

Personalisierter Familienplaner mit Fotos für alle Termine von Kleine PrintsHochwertiger Design Familienplaner mit Fotos von Kleine Prints

Stylish planner for all your appointments, 1 month per sheet

Bam! Organizational talent has never been so nice for the whole family. With our family planner you can easily, stylishly and individually keep an eye on all the appointments of up to six photo-loving adventurers. The calendar has 12 sheets plus a title page with space for a favorite snapshot and comes to your home in the format of 29.7 x 44 cm. Find your 13 favorite photos now and create photo euphoria in a class of its own. For a short time only, it's best to get started right away!

Schnieke, well thought out, simply beautiful!

In the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, it is easy to lose track of things… but that's over now! With our monthly family planner with photos, you can create the most beautiful and stylish organizational genius far and wide. Because our smart planner is not only clearly laid out and designed, it also offers space for what makes all Kleine Prints photo products perfect: your very favorite family photos. Whether almost kitschy holiday memories, funny snapshots, favorite people or heart-warming everyday moments - this planner offers enough space for many wonderful memories and guarantees joy every time you turn the page.

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