Our photo book with super stylish illustrations

Fotobuch für Kinder und Familien mit coolen IllustrationenFotobuch für Kinder und Familien mit schönen Illustrationen

The new special edition photo book to fall in love with!

Attention attention! We take off and once again go to the seventh heaven of design euphoria and photo fanatics! Our new special edition photo book, a cooperation with the super illustrator Anna Katharina Jansen, beautifully stages the favorite pictures of your little darling. Find the most beautiful photos of Mini, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle & Co. together and get ready to create a unique photo book.

The key facts at a glance: 28 pages, space for 13 pictures + each one with extra large letters. Complemented by unique, stylish backgrounds with illustrations by Anna Katharina Jansen. Square, 14 x 14 centimeters, fits in every daycare bag. Stable, rounded sides. Can be spread out completely flat thanks to the practical spiral binding. Available in matt (satin toy paint) and glossy (laminated).

Clear, playful and simply beautiful - the photo book for children

The new special edition photo book with Anna Katharina Jansen is once again a very special highlight for us at Kleine Prints. Anna's illustrations are modern and yet so cute, clear and reduced and at the same time totally playful! Your everyday and environmental motifs are guaranteed to make every little photo fan a huge pleasure. Discover them for yourself: Ice cream cone, tiger, bear, heart, ballerino, astronaut and all the other countless cute motifs in this photo book create a mega-beautiful frame for Mini's favorite pictures! It's best to get started right away and create this very individual gift for your child.

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