Small prints + nicenicenice = a beautiful, beautiful photo memo!

Kleine Prints Fotomemo im nicenicenice DesignKleine Prints Fotomemo mit stylischem Muster

Playing can be so stylish: Our new photo memo special edition is here!

Thing thing thing, isn't that great? Magical colors, geometric patterns, all of which are wonderfully combined with each other and then still customizable - that can only mean one thing: small prints and nicenicenice have created a special edition together! In the future, your most beautiful pictures and snapshots will also look minimalist and stylish from behind - you are lucky!

Our memo classic in a new guise: This is what it looks like, friend!

As usual, our customizable photo memo consists of 24 cards, i.e. 12 pairs of images that you can easily put together. The Kleine Prints memo cards are made for children's hands: they have rounded corners, are printed on the most beautiful, extra strong paper and measure 8 x 8 cm. Speaking of beautiful: you get your individual memo game especially lovingly packaged in a personalized box and with your personal favorite picture on the lid! By the way, it doesn't matter at all if your little sunshine likes his new memo to eat after unpacking: You can also order your game in a laminated version with a water-repellent film that can withstand a lot of kisses - guaranteed.

Big design love for little photo friends

With the memo game by Kleine Prints, your child can easily discover their 12 favorite people, most beautiful places, snottest cuddly toys or best friends. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Teddy Brumm, Siggi the guinea pig and much more are perfectly staged with the 12 x 2 high quality playing cards. This photo memo is a perfect personal gift for all kids from 2 years. Whether for a birthday, for Christmas, as a present from the tooth fairy or as a small gift in between - your sweetheart will love his or her memory game! By the way: did you know that we produce your very own memo with a lot of love and passion in Hamburg?

Uuund: If you love the pattern of the memo as much as we do, you will definitely like the corresponding puzzle 😊. Have a look here!

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