Design your own photo puzzles for children and toddlers

Fotopuzzle für Kinder selbst machen bei Kleine PrintsPuzzle mit eigenem Foto online gestalten bei Kleine Prints

Our photo puzzle: Let the joy of children pop through the ceiling!

BÄM! Small prints proudly present: The next big hit in your children's room. Jigsaw puzzles are great, puzzling your own favorite picture is even better. Our children's puzzle to design yourself raises the joy of playing your sugar candy to a whole new level! Discover yourself in the game, put together a funny family picture over and over again, playfully use the first self-made photos of mom, dad and sunshine, and, and, and - you decide which heart motif is puzzled! Our puzzle for toddlers consists of 12 extra strong pieces and is 30 x 21 cm when assembled.

Design your own puzzle: fun ahoy!

There has never been so much puzzle fun! With our jigsaw puzzle for toddlers and children, you can create a very special surprise in the children's room. Who is currently very popular with your little sunshine? Budgie Willi? Casimir the cuddly bunny? Grandma, grandpa, godmother? Or maybe your own, sugar-sweet reflection? (We could understand!) Turn your current favorite motif into a children's puzzle in no time and make your little puzzle prince or princess shine. The puzzle is a great, special gift for a wide variety of occasions and comes to your home in a beautiful, personalized gift box. So, get started very easily: Find your favorite motif, design a puzzle, fun playing ahoy!

Tip: You can make your little ones even more happy by including them in the ordering process for their very own photo puzzle.

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