The first-person book for Kita & Co!

Mein Ich-Buch: Fotobuch für Kita und Co. von Kleine PrintsIch-Buch: Mein Fotobuch für Kita und Co. von Kleine Prints

The perfect companion in the great adventure of life: the first person book

The photo-fanatic facts: 28 pages, space for 13 pictures + one label each in extra large letters. Complemented by unique, stylish backgrounds. Square, 14 x 14 centimeters, fits in every daycare bag. Stable, rounded sides. Can be spread out completely flat thanks to the practical spiral binding. Available in matt (satin toy paint) and glossy (laminated).

The first-person book is a wonderful variant of our photo book, which gives little photo euphorics the greatest joy. With the first-person book, your little sunshine shows daycare buddies, buddies and educators its world, its history, its favorite treasures! In addition, the first-person book is of course a great companion for first overnight visits to grandma and grandpa. Record the special characteristics and preferences of your child in this great photo book and create a special gift that has the potential to become a piece of home for your child to take away well beyond the kindergarten years.

The most beautiful photo book to show: That's me!

With the first-person book for daycare and co., As always with Kleine Prints, you risk excessive dances of joy, grinning cheeks, photo fanatics and design euphoria in the children's room! With this book you document in the most beautiful way where your child comes from and how loved it was from the very first moment. In addition, you record his preferences and interests from the current phase of life, so that you, as parents, will certainly look into this unique photo book again and again with melting hearts. So: Don't chew, tackle photo love!

By the way: The first-person book is guaranteed to become an even more beloved favorite book if your child brings in elements that are important to them! Current favorite handicrafts, finds from a walk in the forest, favorite cuddly toys - as always, there are no limits to your common imagination and creativity!

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