Colorful desk calendar to design yourself

Tischkalender mit Holzhalter von Kleine PrintsPersonalisierter Postkartenkalender von Kleine Prints

The postcard calendar with a stylish wooden holder

Tadaaa! That's it: the most beautiful desk calendar south of the Arctic Circle! The smart postcard calendar looks great in your office, kitchen, living room or wherever you would like to have this particularly beautiful photo calendar. (Everywhere ?!) This desk calendar to design yourself offers space for 12 absolute favorite photos and is available in two color variants of the popular Kleine Prints design. It also comes to your home with a stylish, high-quality wooden holder! (You can find a variant WITHOUT wooden holder here.) So: Choose your color variant, find your favorite pictures right away and start designing - it's super easy and a lot of fun!

Design your own desk calendar: Photo delight to give away & send

Design your own desk calendar and send the joy of photos into the world: The beautiful calendar is of course not only great at home, but is also a great gift for grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts and simply all your favorite people who you are currently giving a helping of photo love like. And: The expired calendar sheets also look great framed or attached to the wall with washi tape - or you can simply send them to loved ones by post. One calendar - so many uses! Get started right away and design your very own most beautiful calendar of all time.

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