Design photo book for children

29 € inkl. MwSt.
Photos: 13
14 x 14 cm
Material: Robust cardboard pages FROSTED with water-soluble toy paint or LAMINATED with water-repellent film for the little ones
Age: from 12 months
Delivery: 5-7 working days 

The design photo book

Design Fotobuch für Kids von Kleine PrintsDesign Fotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints

Capture special moments for your little sunshine

Wow! The very first trip together! This is not only a very special experience for mom and dad. Your Mini is also guaranteed to be happy to the moon and back, proud to present special moments like these to daycare friends, aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa and simply all of their favorite people. With our new Design Photo Book Edition it is now even more beautiful!

The design euphoric facts of this special photo book: 28 pages, space for 13 pictures + each one inscription in extra large letters. Complemented by unique, stylish backgrounds in the popular and well-known Kleine Prints design. Square, 14 x 14 centimeters, fits in every daycare bag. Stable, rounded sides. Can be spread out completely flat thanks to the practical spiral binding. Available in matt (satin toy paint) and glossy (laminated).

Love, love, love in pictures - the design photo book for children

Whether Borkum or Bali, Norderney or New York, the Alps or the Apalachians - wherever you travel with your little Schietbüdel, love is guaranteed in your luggage! With our design photo book you document the incomparable memory of the first vacation together in a child-friendly way and simply stage your favorite pictures in an incomparably beautiful way. Of course, the beautiful, child-friendly photo book is not only suitable for holiday pictures. Even your most beautiful everyday moments or the favorite people of your mini are perfectly staged by the simple, tasteful small print designs. So it really doesn't get any nicer! Get started right away and create a unique gift for your little one!

Das ist Kleine Prints


Festes Premiumpapier

Abgerundete Ecken

Stabile Spiralbindung

Matt oder laminiert

  • Festes Premiumpapier
  • Abgerundete Ecken
  • Stabile Spiralbindung
  • Matt oder laminiert
  • Extrafestes Papier
  • Stylische Rückseiten
  • Abgerundete Ecken
  • Matt oder laminiert
  • Festes Premiumpapier
  • Seidenmatte Oberfläche
  • Besonders robust
  • Rückseite zum Puzzlen
  • Schönstes Naturpapier
  • Seidenmatte Oberfläche
  • Modernes Design
  • Leuchtende satte Farben
  • Hohe Festigkeit
  • Mattes Naturpapier
  • In 3 Formaten erhältlich
  • Wahlweise mit Holzhalter

Unser Klassiker: Das Fotobuch für Kinder — ein wunderschöner Alltagsbegleiter für kleine Foto-Fans. Kindgerecht, stylisch, mit Liiiebe gemacht.


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