Children's photo book in the garden

35 € inkl. MwSt.
Photos: 13
14 x 14 cm
Material: Robust cardboard pages FROSTED with water-soluble toy paint or LAMINATED with water-repellent film for the little ones
Age: from 12 months
Delivery: 5-7 working days 

Create your own photo book in the garden design

Fotobuch für Oma und Opa im Garten Design von Kleine PrintsFotobuch für Kinder im Garten Design von Kleine Prints

Come on, let's play outside in the garden - the new photo book for children that really makes you want to summer!

Be outside from the first ray of sun until late at night, dash barefoot across fields, nibble on juicy, sweet, red berries straight from the bush. Listen to the chatter of the geese and lie in blooming meadows, picnic in the shade of old trees, sip homemade lemonade and fall into bed happily in the evening with your skin smelling of the sun and dirty feet. Oh summer, you can be so wonderful. Our new children's photo book special edition with the most magical illustrations by Michaela Patzner not only puts the snapshots of your little darling in the right light, but also brings that indescribable, warm feeling into your stomach and awakens the most beautiful memories - every time you leaf through it. Get started quickly and create a unique and beautiful photo book for yourself and your little darling.

The facts of the beautiful children's photo album: 28 pages, space for 13 pictures + a label in extra large letters. Complemented by unique, stylish backgrounds with illustrations by Michaela Patzner. Square, 14 x 14 centimeters, fits in every children's backpack. Stable and rounded pages made of premium paper (as thick as cardboard). Can be spread out completely flat thanks to the practical spiral binding. Available in matt (silk matt toy paint) and in laminated (glossy).

With our photo book for children you can link your most beautiful memories with those of your child!

Looking at a photo album is the biggest thing for our little ones. How much they love to look over and over again at the pictures and familiar faces of those they love most! With Kleine Prints this is not only child-friendly, but also so stylish that the design heart rejoices. With our children's photo book, your little one now always has their loved ones with them - illustrated with the loveliest and most imaginative drawings. The Kleine Prints photo book for children is specially produced for small children's hands, with its thick pages very stable, and thanks to the robust spiral binding very practical and also really beautiful.

Our children's photo book is the perfect gift idea for a birthday or name day, farewell to daycare or when starting school. It doesn't always have to be a special occasion. Because even as a comforter for acute grandma & grandpa missing or when friends are missing to play, it is worth gold. It dries the tears in no time and conjures up a happy smile again on the face of your little heart person.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Secure that extra portion of summer sunniest and comfortably warm love in your stomach with this unique and very personal photo book for children.

Das ist Kleine Prints


Festes Premiumpapier

Abgerundete Ecken

Stabile Spiralbindung

Matt oder laminiert

  • Festes Premiumpapier
  • Abgerundete Ecken
  • Stabile Spiralbindung
  • Matt oder laminiert
  • Extrafestes Papier
  • Stylische Rückseiten
  • Abgerundete Ecken
  • Matt oder laminiert
  • Festes Premiumpapier
  • Seidenmatte Oberfläche
  • Besonders robust
  • Rückseite zum Puzzlen
  • Schönstes Naturpapier
  • Seidenmatte Oberfläche
  • Modernes Design
  • Leuchtende satte Farben
  • Hohe Festigkeit
  • Mattes Naturpapier
  • In 3 Formaten erhältlich
  • Wahlweise mit Holzhalter

Unser Klassiker: Das Fotobuch für Kinder — ein wunderschöner Alltagsbegleiter für kleine Foto-Fans. Kindgerecht, stylisch, mit Liiiebe gemacht.


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