There is no such thing as impossible! — Welcome to the story of Kleine Prints

“There is no such thing as impossible!” – this was my exact thought back in 2014 when I was looking for a photo book for our daughter Lotta. I wanted to give her a photo book to help her settle into nursery and I knew exactly what I wanted it to be like:

high-quality, child-friendly and simply beautiful!

But, despite looking everywhere I couldn’t find my photo book. Nothing that I found ticked all the boxes.

Well, I’m not having that, I thought! I’ll do it myself!

I had this photo book for Lotta in my head – and so I began to design it myself. It didn’t take long and my company Kleine Prints was born. Our first online shop opened in 2014.

You can read more about this crazy journey, about my television appearance on the “Höhle der Löwen” (the German equivalent of Dragons’ Den) and about all of the challenges – both large and small – that I faced on the road to establishing my own little company in this in-depth article. (The article is only available in German language so far).

Photo products just for kids? Yes. YESSSSSSSSSS! And here’s why:

Our little superstars love photos just as much as we do. But little ones have their own unique demands and needs. That is why our products are especially designed for little hands.

And because it is the actual photos that kids love, we keep our designs simple, and avoid unnecessary frills, distracting colours and an excessive number of options. Simple, beautiful and totally huggable – welcome to the products from Kleine Prints.

Get your kids dancing with delight

Our photo products are just the best companions. They will become guaranteed favourites in no time. After all, they make perfect presents for our little rays of sunshine for so many occasions: they can help ease their transition into nursery, can make them feel special when they become a big brother or sister, can help them to learn their first letters, make a great surprise to mark their first day of school, or can just be given to bring some real joy, whenever it is required.

Our products also make great Christmas presents for grannies, granddads, aunties, uncles and more.

Well hello there! Premium quality, made with love in Hamburg

Kleine Prints is an owner-managed company. Our small, dedicated team works passionately each day so that you can easily design unique photo products for your little ones and other favourite people – and keep them entertained for hours!

We value each and every member of our team. We treat each other as equals and have a great deal of fun doing what we do. We think that it shows in our products – they are truly made with love!

When it comes to creating our products, we operate in line with the highest quality demands and in a way that is compatible with our love for all people – both young and old.

We work together with an expert partner in Hamburg. They guarantee well-trained jobs in Germany and print our products in line with the latest EU regulations. They guarantee the latest printing technology and the highest quality standards for us and our customers, and are powered by genuine green energy.

The finest materials & careful craftsmanship

Materials are decisive when it comes to guaranteeing perfect printing results. That is why we are very careful with the paper that we choose for our latest products. We do not just opt for any old paper. After all, it is easy to make something good – we want to make something amazing.

That is why we are also happy to invest in proper craftsmanship: the premium material that we use in our photo products is so special that some parts of the production process can only be completed by hand. You can read more about the special production of our Kleine Prints products in this article (only available in German).

Sustainability as standard – for happiness that lasts

We follow sustainable business practices at Kleine Prints so that our little treasures and their little treasures of the future can have as wonderful a life on our planet as we can. Our photo products are made using paper from FSC® sustainable forests, and we use DHL GoGreen to deliver our products.

Thus we are able to create excellent, eco-friendly products that bring a smile to both our big and little customers! And, as far as we are concerned, that is the most important thing!

So what are you waiting for? Give your child the gift of joy!

Take a look at our products, choose your favourites and get started! Thanks to our user-friendly software, the order process is real child’s play. Have a browse in the Kleine Prints shop now.

Design yours now

Eva Malawska
Founder and mum of Lotta (aged almost 6)